Sunday, 30 November 2014

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to everyone that loves a good story.

Let me tell you a bit about myself and where I comes from. Some of you may know me as Adrienne Woods, it's why the awkward Adrienne Woods google followers on my side bar, no it's me, so don't worry.

Adrienne Woods is one of my pen names. I'm writing YA under Adrienne Woods and Isabella White is purely for Romance/Erotica.

The purpose for this blog is exactly like Adrienne Woods Books and Reviews. I'm going to post many of my upcoming titles on here, and authors writing the same genre and trying to help get their novels out there.

My first novel written as Isabella White will be called YOU & ME 4EVER, yes, spelled with the number 4. It's part of the Pregnancy Diaries which consists of about don't know how many novels, but the 4Ever series only have 3 parts. Then there is Down Under, In the Clouds and many more which still needs titles and needs to be written, all in my head still....

I live in South Africa with a wonderful husband who is behind me 100 percent, and my two beautiful little girls that I can't tell you how much I love. Without them, writing would have been so boring as they inspire me so much.

I'm a full time writer, so my job is to stay at home and type away until my fingers cramp and I can't type anymore, believe me, not getting enough sleep is no longer a problem, so cramping fingers are the only reason I stop to take a break, hahahaha, just kidding.

I hope you are going to love all my entries and meeting new authors as this blog is going to be filled with pages and pages filled with awesome reviews, interviews, guest posts and giveaways.

Be free to join, follow, I love meeting new people and hope love will guide you wherever you may go.

I do give away some writing tips to new time authors or those that really just want some advice so please visit regularly to see those tips.

I can finally say, that I've sold 10 000 copies of my titles in just more than a year as a Debut author and I know it isn't easy, so I would share what ever I can, hoping all of you would make a success out of your novels too.